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Fast and Female Champ Chat coming to Ottawa Sunday June 25th!

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Please help us keep girls in sport!  Girls who stay in sport are empowered for life!!

We have a Fast and Female event coming to Ottawa primarily for girls 8 to 16. It is Sunday June 25th in conjunction with Road Cycling Nationals to celebrate girls participating in Cycling but it is not a cycling event.  A testimonial reel about our events is here

Fast and Female’s vision is: A positive, empowering environment for girls in sport.

Fast and Female’s mission is: keep girls healthy, happy and active in sports through their teens.

This event highlights three major areas:

- Social Inclusion - we have icebreakers, a group atmosphere, encourage girls getting to know each other

- Health Focus - physical literacy/activity stations, yoga, getting the girls moving and excited about being active in various non-competitive, non-sport specific ways

- Role Modelling - through our ambassador program we are able to bring high-performing athletes in front of these audiences of younger girls in a way that the girls normally wouldn’t get a chance to interact with them. The ambassadors run the activity stations or go around with groups and have a Q&A session with the girls as well. The inspirational chat gives the girls the chance to ask all they want to know about how to get to that level of competition and what it’s like to be there.

I have attached the event poster with the registration link.  This event has come together very last minute and appreciate all efforts to help promote it!

Posted by Roland Wippel, Created 8 days ago, Updated 8 days ago

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